Three Important Tips for Transporting Your Commercial Forklift Safely

Forklifts are valuable for commercial operations which need to move heavy loads around worksites such as warehouses. Unfortunately, these machines are not approved for road use. Therefore, if you need to transport this material-handling vehicle from or to your worksite, you will have to arrange for special forklift transportation. Ideally, you should choose a towing method which will prevent the damage to your vehicle and ensure the safety of the workers. Here are some important guidelines for efficient forklift transport.

Choose a Suitable Towing Vehicle

You should select the right towing vehicle for the transportation of your forklift. Under ideal circumstances, you can use a flatbed truck or a tractor-trailer rig for the process. The best choice will depend on the availability of the equipment, preference and budget. Regardless of your choice, you should make sure that the vehicle can handle the total weight of your forklift. While forklifts are small, they are quite heavy. You should also think about the clearance of the rig if you will pass through a tunnel or other restricted areas.

Disconnect the Dangerous Components

You should disconnect the battery when preparing your forklift for transportation. This practice will prevent the terminals from arcing during the journey. You should also ensure that the fuel tank is secured if your operation uses a petrol or diesel vehicle. If the tank can move freely, the fuel in the tank could splash and cause unexpected disasters. If you have a propane-powered forklift, you should make sure that the tank is detached from the equipment. This component is a fire hazard and should be handled with care. It is also important to check your forklift and secure loose items. This process will minimise the risk of random equipment pieces disappearing. 

Secure the Equipment

When you load the forklift on your truck or trailer, you should secure it to prevent movement. Remember, this commercial vehicle will be placed on top of a moving and shaking platform. If it does not remain stable and in position through the journey, it could slide off and cause accidents and losses. Ideally, you should acquire some strong nylon straps or chains to secure the heavy equipment. Tighten these in appropriate positions and create at least four anchor points for each corner of the vehicle for optimal forklift stability. 

Towing a forklift can be a dangerous and complicated process. Therefore, you should consider engaging an experienced towing business to handle your forklift transportation needs for ideal results.