Three Ways to Get the Most Out of Towing Services

Motorists usually pray that they never find themselves in situations requiring the services of a towing company. However, it is difficult to escape such incidences due to the nature of driving. You cannot predict car breakdowns or accidents with certainty. Therefore, you should always have the contacts of a towing company on hand just in case. A 24/7 towing service is even better because they are always available whenever and wherever you need them. Once a towing company accepts your request, you can do specific things to get the most out of the service.

Enquire About Tow Truck Variety — Imagine a tow truck arriving at your location only to realise it cannot haul your vehicle. Tow trucks vary in features, and they are designed to pull different types of cars. For instance, a wheel lift tow truck cannot haul vehicles with a low ground clearance because they can damage the underside. Thus, motorists should first ask if a service provider has tow trucks to haul their cars safely. It involves describing the make and model of your car so that a towing company can establish the right type of tow truck to dispatch.

Direct a Tow Truck Driver to Your Garage — Whether you are involved in a major car accident or an engine breakdown, you should take your vehicle to a specific auto technician. Notably, towing companies often haul broken-down cars to the nearest garage or one they are affiliated with. Of course, there is nothing wrong with it, especially if you are dealing with a reputable towing company. Since they have your best interest at heart, towing companies propose reputable garages that can attend to your car repair needs. However, you should only heed such advice if you do not have a personal mechanic. Otherwise, you should direct a tow truck driver to your garage of choice for excellent repair services.

Ask for a Lift — When emergency towing services cannot start your vehicle, they tow it to a garage of your choice. However, that would leave you stranded on a highway or a street. However, it can be incredibly frustrating outside business hours or on weekends. Fortunately, some tow truck drivers do not have a problem offering clients a ride to the CBD or their destination if it lies along the same route. While it does not cost a towing service anything, both parties benefit. A towing company creates a name for itself, and clients are not stranded on highways.