Horse Float Maintenance: Three Important Tips for Prolonging the Service Life

Regular maintenance of a horse float will promote great performance and improve safety on the road. These trailers experience a lot of mechanical strain due to the haulage of heavy and living cargo. If the floats are neglected for long periods, the components will degrade at an accelerated rate. Over time, the entire unit might break down on the road. The injuries and losses of a failure could be significant. Therefore, you must have a plan for servicing your float. Here are essential guidelines for horse float servicing.

Clean the Horse Float Regularly

The accumulation of dirt in and on the horse float will contribute to equipment degradation and subsequent failure. Therefore, you must not neglect regular cleaning after using the trailer. The most important task is washing the interior space after each trip. Horse urine and manure increase the rate of corrosion of the metallic structure and underlying components. Moreover, the build-up of the waste will create an unsafe environment for your animals.

Sweep the floor to remove the shavings laid on the flooring and the waste. This simple process is suitable for quick cleaning when dealing with a tight transportation schedule. If you have time, consider washing the flooring and walls using water, a scrubbing brush and a gentle detergent. This process will remove stubborn dirt and stains. You should also clean and wax the external panels of the trailer occasionally for protection.

Check the Wheel Components

Horse float wheels are resilient and durable. However, their small components can affect their performance and longevity. For example, the wheel nuts are vulnerable to looseness. If they are not serviced, they could dislodge from their position. This problem could escalate into trailer instability and an accident. You can avoid these issues by tightening the nuts regularly and replacing them if necessary. Wheel bearings also create a point of vulnerability. Eliminate the risk by inspecting and lubricating these elements as recommended by the manufacturer.

Replace Old and Damaged Tyres

The horse float depends on the tyres for complete support during transportation. Unfortunately, trailer tyres are often overlooked because the condition of the towing truck seems more important. You must remember that unstable trailer tyres will destabilise both the float and the truck. Avoid accidents by inspecting the tyres. Make sure that they have sufficient tread for tractions. They must also be inflated optimally for the load they must haul. Additionally, check for rot and replace compromised tyres.

Finally, consult a specialist technician for standard horse float servicing.