What You Should Know about Custom Trailers

Custom trailer builders can create customised trailers for cars, bikes, campers, machinery and heavy-duty vehicles.

Car trailers

Custom car trailers can be made to different sizes and styles. They can be made with additional features such as storage areas, tyre racks and can holders. Safety measures such as a railing, guards or skid-resistant floors can also be added. Custom car trailers should not exceed the weight restrictions of your vehicle. This information can be found in the manual provided with your vehicle.

Bike trailers

Custom trailers can be built for motorbikes, dirt bikes, sports bikes, quad bikes, off-road buggies and ride-on mowers. The trailer can be made to fit your bike's size and model and the capacity that suits what you would like to haul. Custom trailers can be made to a size that will allow your bike to still be secured when you are out. You can also add a customised style and colour, and extra features can be added. Features that may be added include spare wheels, side boxes and jerry can holders.

Camper trailers

Camper trailers can be custom made with weatherproofing materials. A custom trailer builder can ensure that your trailer suits the areas in which you will be camping. This includes allowing for the trailer to work in tough terrain and being able to set up and pack away items quickly into the trailer.

Machinery trailers

Trailers can be custom made for pieces of machinery such as lawnmowers, bulldozers, tractors, forklifts and rollers. Custom trailers can be made for the different industries that such machinery is used in, including farming, forestry, construction and oil. Trailers can be made to hold different loads, and hydraulic, electrical or mechanical brakes can be used to suit the machinery. Custom trailers for machinery can feature mesh floors with ramps to make loading and unloading easier. Other custom options include galvanising, paint finishes, underfloor storage, rubber to protect the machinery and attachment brackets.

Heavy duty trailers

Tandem trailers are suitable for holding heavier loads. They use a dual axle, which allows for the weight to be distributed evenly across the trailer. Tandem trailers feature brakes that can be electrical, and there are overriding brakes for added safety. It is important to ensure that if you do need to carry heavy loads, your vehicle can handle the weight. Tandem trailers may be used with high capacity vehicles, such as trucks. Box trailers can also be used for heavy loads.